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The demand for refurbished breakout units has increased significantly. We have serviced and refurbished breakout units that would typically be considered scrap metal. We do a four part inspection that includes a first assessment disassembly, full inspection, and then and estimated cost of repairs. We have saved customers 40-65% by bringing their old equipment back to OEM specifications or upgraded beyond.


After Refurbishment and Upgrades

Refurbish 1

Customers can choose to upgrade their refurbished breakout unit with the ACE HTL self centering suspension system and Predator four motor spinner with a 9,350lbs torsion block. All units, new and refurbished, can be fitted with a fully enclosed catch pan with protective hose tunnels and waste removal attachments. When we refurbish a breakout unit, we replace all NPT fittings which are inherently leaky.